Why Joonko?

Achieving D&I is a business calling, nothing less.

Despite all the time and money invested in D&I initiatives - success is limited so far. These unsuccessful efforts cause substantial business damage and losses.


Average defense and settlement costs for a single discrimination claimant.

$2.2 billion

U.S. companies insurance cost for sexual harassment, racial discrimination and unfair-dismissal accusations.

$64 billion

Annual cost for U.S. companies on employee turnover rate, due to failed diversity management.

 The lack of optimal and comprehensive solutions is 

why companies have had minimal success so far. 

Bad biases in good people

If you’re human, you’re unconsciously biased. For better or worse, this is how the brain works as it aims to ease the decision-making process by making decisions based on what is familiar and safe. To shed light on this process and achieve your diversity and inclusion goals, you need to identify and tackle behaviors, events, and decisions as they occur.

Joonko's optimal solution approach

for workplace bias

Real-time analysis and actionable insights

Positively impacting human behavior requires real-time intervention - as things happen. That's also how you genuinely tackle problems rather than remediate them after the fact.

Addressing the entire employee life-cycle

Workplace bias has many forms during employees’ or managers’ time in a company. Focusing only on a specific phase of their career will cause an irrelevant impact.

Supporting everyone in the company during their work

Bias prevalent in all humans, employees and executives alike, during their daily routine. As everyone are part of the problem, everyone must be part of the solution.

 The magic formula that drives D&I

(also known as B=m+a+t)

Having the best technology is not enough to successfully drive behavioral changes and win-over people's unconscious bias.

That's why we're using BJ Foggs' Behavior Model to our advantage. As a behavioral design practice, the model describes three elements that must converge at the same moment for any Behavior to occur: MotivationAbility, and Trigger.


Trigger is what prompts people to take action.

Tough mentioned last in the formula, this is actually the first thing in any real-time engagement of Joonko. Without an appropriate trigger, behavior will not occur even if both motivation and ability are high.


Motivation is the energy for an action.

The more motivated people are, the more likely they will perform a behavior. Ideally, employees and managers are already motivated and only need the help to do it (see Ability).


Ability is the capacity to do a particular action.

High motivation is not enough. The harder the 'ask' for an action, the higher motivation needed, and therefore lower chances it will happen. The goal is to make taking an action as easy as possible.

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