Achieve your hiring and diversity goals, with the help of 

other companies.

No commitment, no credit card needed

Tapping into a quality pool of candidates from underrepresented groups is not an easy task. But that's not a problem only you face. Most Talent Acquisition and D&I professionals, if not all, are struggling with finding and attracting great diverse candidates.

If that's everyone’s problem, why shouldn't we solve it together?

Introducing JoonkoPool:

A peer-to-peer recruiting network for diversity

At the end of every hiring process, there are dozens of applicants from underrepresented groups who you decided not to hire. That’s simply how the process is. With JoonkoPool’s peer-to-peer recruiting network, you and other talent leaders place these candidates into a mutual pool on an ongoing basis.

In return, all relevant applicants in the pool, who are looking for a new job at that time - will get an email promoting your open positions and suggesting they apply.    

The result?

You’ll have dozens of talent acquisition professionals helping with both your hiring goals and diversity KPIs.

Starting at $49/mo for unlimited positions

But there's more to it

JoonkoPool creates an impact that goes beyond the scope of D&I alone, while providing value for multiple stakeholders in any company.

For recruiters: Increase your numbers

Improve the top of your recruiting funnel with a constant automated stream of qualified candidates, already vetted by other leading companies, who are currently looking for a job.  

For Talent Acquisition leaders: A whole new candidate experience  Deliver empathy as a new experience for millennial candidates and assist those who weren’t a good fit for you, as they seek a new role.

For D&I professionals: Do better together

Ally with leading companies in creating an ever-growing pool of job seekers from underrepresented groups, available immediately for your diversity needs.

For Marketing teams: Company brand awareness

Collaborate with your HR department to showcase your company’s role in fixing the lack of diversity in tech, directly in applicants’ (and potential customers) inbox.  

Affordable pricing for everyone

Get more applicants from underrepresented groups, effortlessly and instantly, at the fraction of the cost of one job post on Glassdoor or LinkedIn PPC.

starting at $49/mo

Unlimited positions

Full access to all  candidates

Endless promotions per position (until it's filled)

Free for the rest of 2018 (no credit card needed)