helps your employees and managers to identify and overcome their hidden bias

in real-time.

Meet Joonko.

Joonko is a real-time diversity and inclusion coach for companies, that can identify unconscious (or conscious) bias events as they happen and provide on-the-spot assessment and feedback to prevent it from damaging the business. 

We drive better decisions, avoiding workplace bias

Diversity & Hiring

Achieving a more diverse recruiting pipeline

Avoiding missing out on great candidates

Conducting inclusive dialogues and interviews with candidates

Improving and maintaining high offer acceptance rate

Hiring the right talent faster and more accurately

Inclusion & Belonging 

Providing all employees with equal chances to succeed

Ensuring a free of harassment workplace

Creating an inclusive work experience for all employees

Successfully applying company culture and values

Measuring D&I initiatives' impact and progress

Business Performance

Reducing unnecessary costs and expanses

Maximizing performance and possible profits

Minimizing chances for unlawful conduct and legal exposure

Establishing more efficient work management

Guaranteeing better and conscious decision making

"Joonko is setting its sights on illuminating unconscious bias in the types of workplace experiences where few people even think to look for it."
"We all have biases, whether they are conscious or unconscious. But when these biases start impacting our decisions in the workplace, then that’s a problem. Joonko is planning on changing that."

"Joonko has been immeasurably effective in helping our team attract more diverse candidates, bringing them to the forefront of our recruiter's e-mails and keeping track of our progress in advancing these candidates."

Rik Avalos 

Head of Talent Acquisition, LendUp

Your company, just better

With Joonko, everyone in the company will benefit from tackling unconscious bias as it occurs, from Talent Acquisition teams to CFOs. Forward-thinking companies already achieved:


Faster time-to-fill


Average save in work hours per recruiter, per year


Increase in minority hires in three months


Average earning potential

How it works

Seamless integration.

A simple and quick one-time integration to any recruiting, communication and professional platforms. You choose.

Identifying behavioral bugs.

Our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms will constantly evaluate existing data to identify events of Behavioral bugs or Cultural Typos.

Real-time actionable insights.

When needed, Joonko engages executives, managers, and employees with insights and recommendations - so they can make real-time corrective actions.

Problem handled.

Only through such a process, where workplace bias is promptly met with corrective action, can it be beaten.

A small example...

"As a company that made its first steps with D&I efforts, we were able to discover the things we don't know, and build the right strategy for us to address them, rather than use the one-size fits all programs that exist in the industry. Having Joonko coaching and guidance made all the difference for us."

Sivan Coriat 

Talent Acquisition Leader, Verint

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